SUCCESS! Very EASY workflow POWERMESH in Davinci Resolve

Fantastic discovery! Easy POWERMESH usage in Davinci Resolve! After weeks of asking and youtube for help nobody could give me a simple explanation of how to get POWERMESH working in Davinci Resolve. Finally someone gave me screen shot of setting up the nodes in fusion panel. ahhhhhh too complicated! and I gave up but I Thank You. HOWEVER, I finally figured out on my own how to do this with only couple clicks to do and almost no NODE work (I only do some node work in color panel most the time but dont relish it). Here is what I have discovered. And it works REALLY well. My powermesh trackings in Davinci are coming out fast and awesome. Here is my workflow getting powermesh easy working in Davinci Resolve 16 or 17.

  1. put the trimmed clip of what you want to powermesh track in to the edit panel in Davinci Resolve.
  2. Right click on clip and make it a “FUSION CLIP”.
  3. go in to fusion panel and between media in and out add MOCHAPRO from select tool search.
  4. Track the footage as normal for POWERMESHING in MochaPro but dont stabilize.
  5. Go back to EDIT page and alt click on the clip and drag up so it is duplicated one on top of each other.
  6. on the top clip click on that and go back in to fusion panel.
    7.remove the original footage clip and add your IMAGE that you want morphed in replace of footage clip. In between that image node and the mochapro node add transform node.
  7. Click on MochaPro node and you dont have to launch MochaPro again just on the right side click on APPLY MATTE, RENDER ON and STABALIZE WARP.
  8. You can then click on transform node to adjust image down to your track warped map size.
  9. All done. I know this is very simplistic and can be improved but all I know is it works VERY well for me. Not so advanced people like me really do need bit simpler tutorials. I use powermesh in After Effects and really happy to get this working in Davinci Resolve 17. I will post this tutorial on youtube to help people at my not advanced level. Thanks :slight_smile: comments or improvements welcomed.

Happy that works for you!

Thanks so much Mary. And Thank You when you tried to help me. Nodes drive me so crazy and I know its important to understand Nodes in many programs but I love the Edit panel in Davinci not fusion panel and I love the way After Effects uses layers and I love the ease of Adobe Premiere. But someday I think we will all be forced to use Nodes haha :slight_smile: Thanks again.

finding your own ways to get something done is awesome. but you really should learn fusion. its not as hard or scary as you think. I was like you one time. after effects all the way. once I decided to part ways with adobe I learned fusion and I will never go back to layer based comping. trust me, do it. start with basic tutorials and no matter how “dumb” you think it is, or “waste of time” just stick with it. once you get 5 or 6 tutorials in, try to do that same with layers again and youll feel trapped. layers will make you feel blind. start withe the basics and give it a fair go. you’ll thank me.

Can’t express enough how much this post is appreciated!
Why this workflow ain’t covered in any of the official docs / manuals or youtube videos? The only alternative to this flow I could find was export - import flow via alembic format mentioned in some borisfx docs. But this approach is way, way more straightforward!
growthweb, thanks a lot for these hints!