Suggested improvements

Greetings! Here is a would-be publish my ideas for improvements of Mocha Pro.
Maybe it won’t need anybody. Buy who knows.

My first observation is about adding a minus sign when the folder is open. Because intuitively users don’t understand where to click to open it.

And the plus when it’s selectedPlus

Add “Selected by group” to menu

What version and system are you on that you don’t see the + and Minus sign in groups? These should already exist.

2022 9.0.1. It exist, but not when the group is selected

Selected by Group is a good idea. I believe there is more that Mocha could benefit by using Grouped layers more. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Often it’s so needed to add adaptive light to the Insert module. Like in the Remove module “illumination model”, “blend interior”.

Thanks, i’ll make sure a defect is flagged for that one. It should be an easy cosmetic fix.

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Unfortunately, I can’t apply edge width to all my selected strokes

Show\hide layer control in Mocha Pro AE has an issue. Just try to click it many times, and you will see

It would be great to have the possibility to delete all shape tracking data keyframes. Not only manual green keys but all automatic keys. Without going into the dope sheet.
For example press alt+all button to delete all keys on timeline. And shilf+alt+all button to delete all keys from this layer

Unfortunately, I can’t automatically align my planar surface to manually track the shape area. Why? Do I have those moving coordinates, but I need to do that manually from adjusting track module. And all I need in this case is to link track plate to shape, to follow it.

You must precomp your clip and trim it to the precomp length to get good results with tracking and compositing. AE and Mocha together do not like working on long edits like this because the data will not line up with whatever new elements you are putting into the scene, since those elements do not share the same characteristics of the original clip.

Try working on a shot by shot basis.

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I’m sorry, wrong video file.
I know what you mean, I do this every time. But anyway thanks for the advice. And for spending your time on this.

This is the right example. As you can see, when keys are set up manually, the tracking plane isn’t following this (

By the way, I have an amazing idea of how to make adjust lightning to insert module. It’s to add the possibility to track light (like the expression in AE). And save it like exposure or RGBA animated values.

If you increase your rotation angle in the search area controls in your tracking tab, you might get a better track on that arm. Otherwise, you might need to manually track it.

Lighting matching for insert is on our wish list. :slight_smile: