Suggested workaround for Adobe Premiere "trim bug"

This is a “I have a workaround for this issue and I hope others find it useful” post.

BorisFX documentation states:

Trimmed Footage Loads Entire Clip Into Silhouette
If a clip is trimmed in Premiere Pro, the entire clip is loaded into the Silhouette plug-in instead of the trimmed clip. Adobe is aware of this issue and is working on a fix.

IMO this is a very minor issue. Yes, the entire clip loads into Silhouette but after working on it the correct timing remains in the trimmed clip in PPro. In Silhouette we only need to focus on the part of the footage that is of interest. That is obvious in most cases. I do however have some cases where trimmed clips are brief moments of best character expression from long camera original takes. It is good then to focus on or at least locate the frames of interest.

I export an EDL file from the PPro timeline then open it (on Windows) in the simple reader “Wordpad”. The data is reasonably human readable. I can read how the clip has been trimmed and repeat that trim in Silhouette.

An example block or paragraph of EDL looks like this.

003 AX V K B 00:00:32:32 00:00:55:38 00:00:16:15 00:00:39:21
003 AX V K 000 00:00:10:42 00:00:19:12 00:00:16:15 00:00:24:35

  • FROM CLIP NAME: 00045_14-5-1_3-shot-MS_MillieMitkaPaddy_X
  • KEY CLIP NAME: 00007_T652
    AUD 3 4

The clip of interest that I want to work on in “Silhouette” is “00007_T652”. It is the second clip listed and its data is the second data line.
003 AX V K 000 00:00:10:42 00:00:19:12 00:00:16:15 00:00:24:35

The first and second values 10:42 (10 seconds and 42 frames) and 19:12 are the trim data of interest.
The third and fourth values are the placement of the clip on the PPro editing timeline.

The frame rate is 50 fps. Silhouette counts in frames starting at 1. Doing the math:

10:42 — 10*50 + 42 + 1 = 543

19:12 — 19*50 + 12 +1 = 963

Then in Silhouette, the start and end points are number values at the start and end of the play slider. In this case I edit “1” and “1253” to “543” and “963”. Approximate guesses are OK for these number values because their only effect is convenient viewing in Silhouette. They have no effect on the timing accuracy of the clip on return to PPro.