Suggestion? Add Dot,

Hi would it be possible on a line to make double click of the mouse add a Dot between Nodes?

ALT click will do the trick

Yep thanks i know, but i use the mouse a lot & double clicking would be more ergonomic for me,

@Gid.Joiner Currently, double-click is used to deselect all in the Trees window. I’ll inquire as to whether you can modify this keyboard shortcut yourself.

Ok, for me a single click seems to deselect all in the trees menu unless i’m not understanding you,
I have single click in Windows folders Options ticked but if i change it to double click, it still deselects all in the trees menu with one click.
Is there a keyboard customize option, i can’t find anything in the Preferences.

Double-click does the same thing as single-click. The keyboard shortcuts can be changed by editing the file located in the \resources\scripts. I will let you know if it is possible to use double-click to add a Dot node.


There is currently no way to do this using a built-in mechanism. Except for perhaps writing some PySide2 code to register an event filter with the trees view (objectname of “nodeGraph”) and then send an Alt+click event.

Thanks, that’s beyond me but thanks anyway, it was just a thought :+1: