Suggestions / Feature requests

Some suggestions for this already amazing application!

  1. tab seperation for effect types

FX are all in the same panel.
having seperate panels to group fx types would be very helpful for the workflow.
For example Exposure, Image, Color, Distortion, Lights, Looks etc.

  1. Option to lock certain effects parameters when not selected.
    For example always seeing the Curves or Essential controls you come back too in a session.

  2. floating HUD that only shows effect controls that the user has enabled to show up for current selected effect.

4.Using mouse scroll to change values currently below the mouse cursor.

increase or decrease scrolling sensitivity by adding shift or alt etc.

  1. Templates/Presets for a combination of multiple effects
    Or a default setting which auto loads multiple fx as layers on image import.

  2. a way to implement user content/overlays/jpgs etc

Welcome @t.p.jacobs

  1. The effects are currently grouped by function in separate tabs in the Filters menu.
    Can you elaborate on what you are looking for?
  2. Yes, it would be possible to add lock icons on parameters. Are you finding a reason to lock parameters?
  3. This would be possible.
  4. While hovering over a numeric field, you can press Alt and the scroll wheel wheel adjust the parameter in fine increments. Dragging a numeric field with Ctrl pressed also adjusts in fine increments.
  5. File > Save Setup saves the current filters and masks as a file which can be loaded into another images using File > Open Setup. We have talked about having the ability to have multi-filter effects saved as presets that would show up in the Filters > Custom tab.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for your reply!

The effects are indeed grouped by function.
But that list is huge and i find it slows the process down.

It would help focus using and finding fx quickly if you could split them up.
So having a panel containing fx related to LIGHT
Or having a panel containing all fx related to color correction, tone and looks.

And a panel showing just the fx related fo image correction. Like levels, exposure, contrast.
Ideally custom tabs where the user can decide which fx functions are.

I think i did not explain myself well enough on locking parametrs.
What i meant is for example having the levels curves on screen at all times no matter which layer is currently selected.

Thank you for the explanation of the other topics.

Kind Regards,

Hi Paul,
I know what you mean - sometimes I would like to see an effect list grouped by categories that is text-based instead of thumbnails.

Once you know the different filter names well, using the search field can speed up your work – as well as save to the favorites category.

Hope thishelps.