Support for Fusion Studio 16?

Is there a plan to support the OFX version of Fusion Studio 16 and Davinci Resolve Studio 16?

There is a plan, yes. :slight_smile:

That’s all I can say at this stage. It will be coming.

For the most part, Fusion 16 should be fine for running Mocha Pro 2019.5, but we can’t give an official support tick yet.

If that sly smile is an indication you guys are working something out with BMD, perhaps to include Mocha by default, that would be pretty rad :wink:

Doesn’t mocha pro 2019.5 OFX work in Resolve Studio 16? It does seem to for me…

2019.5 was meant to support Resolve, unfortunately, we are still waiting for a resolution to a compatibility issue that is outside of our control. As soon as it works, we will let you know.

What specifically doesn’t work, Mary? It is certainly working for me with Resolve 16 beta 4.

I suppose there could be modules I haven’t tested (I typically just use the masking feature).

Specifically, it’s having trouble rendering back to the timeline. But you can still track and Roto from the timeline. You just can’t render back. Hence, we aren’t comfortable saying it is “supported.”

I see. Thanks so much for entertaining my curiosity, much appreciated.