Support for Fusion Studio 16?

Is there a plan to support the OFX version of Fusion Studio 16 and Davinci Resolve Studio 16?

There is a plan, yes. :slight_smile:

That’s all I can say at this stage. It will be coming.

For the most part, Fusion 16 should be fine for running Mocha Pro 2019.5, but we can’t give an official support tick yet.

If that sly smile is an indication you guys are working something out with BMD, perhaps to include Mocha by default, that would be pretty rad :wink:

Doesn’t mocha pro 2019.5 OFX work in Resolve Studio 16? It does seem to for me…

2019.5 was meant to support Resolve, unfortunately, we are still waiting for a resolution to a compatibility issue that is outside of our control. As soon as it works, we will let you know.

What specifically doesn’t work, Mary? It is certainly working for me with Resolve 16 beta 4.

I suppose there could be modules I haven’t tested (I typically just use the masking feature).

Specifically, it’s having trouble rendering back to the timeline. But you can still track and Roto from the timeline. You just can’t render back. Hence, we aren’t comfortable saying it is “supported.”

I see. Thanks so much for entertaining my curiosity, much appreciated.


Mary/Martin. I cross-posted a link to this to the DR 16 Beta 2 forum. While you get this sorted out with DR, i am fine with exporting say an object removal clip to some output, but the only ones you have are image sequences. The .MOV/Quicktime export IMMEDIATELY crashes DR/Mocha to WIndows 10.

If I cant export the clip BACK to the DR timeline (it came in as a PRORES HQ 4:2:2 clip in DR, how do I get the equivalent of that exported for re-import by DR?

We are going to have to test that, if the codecs are installed properly it should render. Let me confirm with @martinb

How can I confirm the Quicktime codec is installed properly? This is a Windows 10 tower.

I would just download and install the QuickTime essentials, you don’t have to install the player if you don’t have to. To do that, you download the QuickTime player but uncheck the player part when installing.

Make sure you install the prores codecs as well.

Try that and let me know?

I have Quicktime essential for windows. It crashes the entire DR/Mocha Pro session.

On the subject of this topic – the OFX support in Davinci Resolve 16/16.1 Beta – I have removed an object and saved the Mocha Pro project. I quit and come back to DR. I check the Render checkbox – what is supposed to happen? I don’t see the object removed. I see a green line move across the fusion clip (a “render” line ?), but if I scrub over it, the object that is clearly removed in Mocha Pro is NOT removed back in DR.

So is this officially supported or not – rendering BACK to DR at all, I mean.

Here are my choices at attempts to export as .MOV file. They all crash DR/Mocha.

MOchaProOFX_Export_QT MOchaProOFX_Export

It is not officially supported yet for Resolve. We are still waiting on some things from the Resolve team.

Can you try just an uncompressed Quicktime movie as a sanity check?


Thanks a bunch, Mary. Tried it with None for compression – instant crash. Is it worth trying “Millions of Colors” instead of “Millions of Colors+”?

The other thing I’d like to know is when I return to the MochaPro OFX project, why is it that I have to re-render the remove? Is this expected behavior? The render is not stored and saved anywhere when I “save” the project unless it’s exported or daved back to the host? Is that the reason?

Thanks for letting me know about the crash.

Yes, the plugin always renders to the timeline. So it wont store the frames outside the temp folder and tends to delete those frames on exit. You can go to export rendered clip to save those renders. But you’re having trouble with that.

Does it crash if you simply render TIFFs or EXRs? Or just quicktime?

TIFFS and EXR works fine (and quick).

When rendering BACK to the timeline works, is it necessary to render IN MOCHAPRO at all? Is the host supposed to “use” the render module? I wouldnt like to have to wait TWICE if the first one is just not used on the way back to thost.

What am I supposed to SEE in Resolve when I check the RENDER checkbox? It’s ODD that it’s a checkbox and not a button. When I supposed to check it: on the way IN to Mocha or after I exit Mocha? THis isn’t clear the way this works (at least with Resolve). Do you have documentation on each host?

Yes, when Mocha Pro is supported properly in Resolve, it should render back to the timeline completely normally and no need to render in Mocha Pro, that’s a workaround because we can’t currently render to the timeline inside of Resolve. Trust me, we can’t wait for that to be sorted out either.

If TIFFs and EXR are rendering properly, it sounds to me like something is off with quicktime on your machine and I am not sure what that factor could be since you said you have installed it properly. I’d try a reinstall of Quicktime and a restart, otherwise I’d use rendered frames for now as a further and admittedly annoying workaround.


I think what I am (or was) afraid of was that with rendered frames, i wouldn’t be getting the same “fidelity” when I re-import back to Resolve as I would be getting when “exported” automatically back to the timeline (when that works). I’m just assuming the characteristics of the clip retain a clip’s resolution, color depth, etc. with whatever method of export is used, as long as the settings are left at their defaults.

Is that correct?