Support for Fusion Studio 16?

I think what I am (or was) afraid of was that with rendered frames, i wouldn’t be getting the same “fidelity” when I re-import back to Resolve as I would be getting when “exported” automatically back to the timeline (when that works). I’m just assuming the characteristics of the clip retain a clip’s resolution, color depth, etc. with whatever method of export is used, as long as the settings are left at their defaults.

Is that correct?

It’s the exact same renders in Mocha Pro or to the timeline as long as you’re not in any proxy mode.

I reported in another thread about a memory leak (my term for it) observed when tracking inside the Fusion page of Resolve (tracking the same UHD material on the color page > OFX Mocha) does not suffer from this.

At any rate, I’ve been following this thread and a similar one over at the BMD forum and finally got around to testing the Remove module in the Fusion page of Resolve Studio 16.1 b2 and it appears to work (and renders to the timeline) so my question is - why is it working for me when the discussion in this thread would suggest that it would not work?

That is a good question.

I’d hate to think I might be raising a red herring issue here based on a misuse error. Although, I can think of any one of a number of environment errors causing issues for different people. Resolution, memory are a few.

I’ve used Mocha Pro before with Hitfilm Pro 11, but I also never got that to render back to its timeline as well. Is this a common OFX host coordination that has to be developed to work successfully, or just a very specific set of environmental issues that break it?

Mary, is this important enough for us to try a Zoom (shared screen) session with one of the support people at Imagineer? I’d be willing to host a session like that for someone to take notes and/or steer me straight on proper usage if necessary.

At barkinmadd’s suggestion I tried the remove from the color page. Aside from the render being EXTREMELY slow in Resolve (1-2 seconds per frame, and that is a BIG Issue), the remove is partial in DR. THere is a bit of the camera removed at the top I noticed. Although rendering it in Mocha Pro fully removes it.

Attached shows it in DR.

That convinces me they aren’t negotiating resolution or offset properly. For that experiment, I wasn’t as finicky with the occlusion (hold-out?) mask that allow the actor’s finger to not get lopped off with the camera remove. I went simple. One track to remove the cam, the other for the background. If I render WITHIN Mocha it works fine, and I can export as an image sequence to continue work.

From the Fusion page, whatever offset issue they have in the DR Render completely missed the camera removal. I don’t even see the top of it partially removed.

The slow speed is exactly why we are currently unable to say we officially support Resolve. We’re working with the BMD team to find a solution comparable to the speed we get with other OFX hosts.

Are you feeding in the shot via the Loader node or via mediain in the Fusion page?

Thanks Martin.

The clip is fed in via MediaIn on the FUsion Page.

Is there some reason I would want to use the loader instead of MediaIn?

A little confused. In my case it’s not the slowness. THis workflow has issues with working properly…period. Is there a formal support case I can enter so I can work with someone on this? I get partial removes or no removes depending on the DR page I’m on.

Do I work with you guys or DR or both?

As for the export to .MOV. Mary, I reinstalled the QuickTime 7 support. No difference. Instant crash. Would a Mocha log hold any clue to this issue?

You can enter a formal support case for Mocha Pro here:

But as stated in the thread, Mocha Pro OFX inside Resolve is not officially supported yet, so you may run into issues and it is very much in a “use at own risk” situation until the official support is announced.

You may also want to submit a case with the Resolve team. They are aware of Mocha issues, but the more of their users that request for official Mocha Pro support in Resolve, the more likely they help us address the issues.


Yes, the mocha Log would help, but at this point we’d want to log a support case here: since we will have to ask for system information, etc, from you and that’s not best on the forums.

Can you send us the log there?


I will log a support case.

However, I want to report a GOOD experiment (not with Resolve). Aren’t you glad I have BOTH HItfilm Pro 13 and Davinci Resolve (although my goal this year is to move entirely to Resolve).

I’m happy to report that with Mocha Pro OFX/Hitfilm Pro 2013 EVERYTHING works as it should. Mocha Pro renders BACK to timeline in a few seconds, AND additionally there is NO crash if I export to .MOV file.

I think you’ve got a LOT of work to do with BlackMagic, or it just has a lot of issues itself. These DR 16.1 betas may just have lots of general issues…but the point of getting myself involved WITH a beta was to help you both out with these issues do I can have clear sailing ahead before 16.1 is out.

Attached find screenshot BACK to Hitfilm Pro showing timeline render.

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Support case logged. Hope I can help. Are you folks going to take my case back to BlackMagic on my behalf, or do I have to open a case there as well? Their logs on my system may help you both.

It’s best to log a case directly with Black Magic for their records.

Will do

All I can say so far is that there are rock solid expectations from a huge bunch of Mocha/Fusion/Resolve users around me… Don’t want to bother you with what’s on the BMD side but it’s important to me to have this WF work great.
At this point, I used to - from Resolve - make a Fusion Connect to be in Fusion, put a mocha node, render it in Fusion and then go back to experience the render inside Resolve (my opinion to prefer Fusion standalone vs ReFusion so far is offtopic).
Now, I dropped this WF to use Mocha Pro standalone with exported clips… But a working AND SIMPLE wf would be apreciated :wink:
And this is also for BMD whose Fusion should show better “points” from mocha exported cam tracker…
Good job anyway :wink:

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We honestly are ready for this to be… ahem… Resolved soon as well. :wink:

BMC got back to me. They want me to install the released version 16 to retest.

That doesn’t sound promising. They are not asking for logs with 16.1.

Resolve 16.1 BETA 3 did not solve anything.