Support for Fusion Studio 16?

I will log a support case.

However, I want to report a GOOD experiment (not with Resolve). Aren’t you glad I have BOTH HItfilm Pro 13 and Davinci Resolve (although my goal this year is to move entirely to Resolve).

I’m happy to report that with Mocha Pro OFX/Hitfilm Pro 2013 EVERYTHING works as it should. Mocha Pro renders BACK to timeline in a few seconds, AND additionally there is NO crash if I export to .MOV file.

I think you’ve got a LOT of work to do with BlackMagic, or it just has a lot of issues itself. These DR 16.1 betas may just have lots of general issues…but the point of getting myself involved WITH a beta was to help you both out with these issues do I can have clear sailing ahead before 16.1 is out.

Attached find screenshot BACK to Hitfilm Pro showing timeline render.

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Support case logged. Hope I can help. Are you folks going to take my case back to BlackMagic on my behalf, or do I have to open a case there as well? Their logs on my system may help you both.

It’s best to log a case directly with Black Magic for their records.

Will do

All I can say so far is that there are rock solid expectations from a huge bunch of Mocha/Fusion/Resolve users around me… Don’t want to bother you with what’s on the BMD side but it’s important to me to have this WF work great.
At this point, I used to - from Resolve - make a Fusion Connect to be in Fusion, put a mocha node, render it in Fusion and then go back to experience the render inside Resolve (my opinion to prefer Fusion standalone vs ReFusion so far is offtopic).
Now, I dropped this WF to use Mocha Pro standalone with exported clips… But a working AND SIMPLE wf would be apreciated :wink:
And this is also for BMD whose Fusion should show better “points” from mocha exported cam tracker…
Good job anyway :wink:

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We honestly are ready for this to be… ahem… Resolved soon as well. :wink:

BMC got back to me. They want me to install the released version 16 to retest.

That doesn’t sound promising. They are not asking for logs with 16.1.

Resolve 16.1 BETA 3 did not solve anything.

The fact that BMD asked you to retest is worrisome - is there a disconnect here between the team at Boris and that at BMD (or perhaps the support person you spoke to is unaware of this deficiency in Resolve and is simply following a script… “Install the latest version…”).

Yes, I’m disappointed because we all KNOW 16 isn’t going to work as well, so Im not wasting my time regressing

I hope they aren’t trying to shut out plugins that do (almost) the same thing. I really tried to use the REMOVE feature in DR 16, but I can’t figure out how to do a holdout? mask – it seems too complex to do solely in DR, so that’s why I bought Mocha Pro.

Sounds like a miscommunication, we are working with their Dev team, which is not always the same as support.

Mary if you have an inside DEV contact beyond first line support, I’ll be happy to work with them.

Let’s email @martinb about that.


Really following this conversation. I am a Davinci Resolve Studio user and I am amazed at the power of Mocha Pro but I am holding back the purchase since it is officially supported. Specially the object removal and stabilization is what interests me of Mocha. The video I have seen are incredible. Davinci is much weaker in the fields where Mocha shines. Cannot wait that it is solid compatible.

Believe me, you’re also interested by the Insert (and maybe the camera solver), it’s maybe just that you don’t know yet you’ll be interested by them too :grinning:
I’m pretty sure more than 80% of the overall users come to MP for Remove reasons, but other tools finally count when evaluating the whole app

Hello. Waiting on this to purchase Mocha Pro OFX. Any updates? Has progress been made? Is BM still not making this a priority? If so I am happy to open a support ticket with them if it will help.

We are working with them already, let me poke @martinb and see what the timeline is looking like. He may take some time to reply due to the holidays. Thank you for your patience.



Fusion 16 should be fine, but Resolve 16 is still rendering Remove too slowly compared to other hosts to be considered fully supported.
There are no other functional problems at this stage.