So I’m following this wiki for current env variables in Silhouettefx 2020

I see you have both of these:

OCIO has its own version which is similar but not the same which most of the DCC’s support.

but they are different from the Silhouette one as I can feed it a list of views and displays and it will override what from the list of views/displays in the config.ocio will it show in the menu. The left most one is usually the default.

Any chance we could get support for this in Silhouette? Nuke currently only supports views, which is the most important one.

I believe the OCIO library itself uses OCIO_ACTIVE_VIEWS and DISPLAYS to filter what it reports to the application.
SFX_OCIO_VIEW and SFX_OCIO_DISPLAY tell Silhouette which ones to use by default and are really there to use with content-managers to set per-shot defaults.
If you don’t set SFX_OCIO_VIEW/DISPLAY then Silhouette should default to whatever the OCIO library/config reports. Are you seeing something different?