Support for OCIO roles

We use OCIO’s roles everywhere to abstract away complex colorspaces names from artists and to make it so we setup a show it is consistent and you can move files from one show to another and it just simply works even if colorspace names change.

Would it be possible if this env variable can be made to support roles:

Also in general I would strongly suggest supporting roles used anywhere you do have ocio support. Mochapro 2020 has this at the top of their viewer input colorspace. That being said it would be great if you could do like Nuke 12 does and simply show the roles and then have all the other colorspaces burred in a submenu. We use a modified ACES ocio config and it has 350 colorspaces out of the box so that list is huge by default.

Good idea Deke. Yeah, we can do that.