Surface move on video


In the video on the car, splines were imposed on the side, on the trunk lid, and on the bumper.

In each spline, the surface is parallel to the plane of the object and is anchored through the adjustrack transform

Animation is inserted into each surface.

When you rotate the camera at the taillight, there is a small shift of the image in different directions at the edges of each surface.

How to fix surfaces?

You need to either use adjust track or get a more correct track. Your roto is solid. Your tracks are not. Make sure you’re avoiding reflections. Try tracking edges.

Yes, I know that the track can be stabilized, the reflections can be bypassed, but what about when everything is ready and it remains to fix the surfaces firmly?

I tried to animate the movement of the image in the surface in the opposite direction of the surface displacement, but it did not work, due to a large step in the values ​​in Insert - Transform - Offset

I am not saying you need to stabilize the track. I am saying you need to create a better one. The shapes and the track are two different values. Turn your surface tool on when you track, the surface will show you what the track is doing.

I understand you. But it can’t be done better.

I am writing a tutorial on the Mocha Pro program, so I need a 100% solution for difficult projects.

It can be done better. If you’re writing a tutorial you need to understand and explain the fundamentals of tracking planes. You can grab the bumper and the license plate for the back track, and the tires and bottom edge for the side. This track needs work, and you can get the details from similarly moving texture on the same planes. And if your texture is still slipping it needs the Adjust Track module. But this is not a particularly difficult shot to track if you track the right sections.

Unless you are trying to track the animation and that’s not a texture you dropped into the scene yourself?