Surface tool (and track) slipping

Good day all. I am a complete newbie to Mocha, and I am just in love with what it can do already! Wow.


I am however having an issue, which most of you will probably laugh at, i’m hoping it’s a simple overlook on my part.


I have tried every tutorial on this and still it is not working. It’s driving me bananas.

I’m trying to achieve a simple text on a wall with a standard slider shot of a wall in perspective.

Once I place the PENx tool over the comp and then apply the planer surface, the grid goes on and everything looks great as seen here.


Once I track back to see if it’s working the planer box is way off, it’s not sticking to the wall. As seen here.


Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong, i am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Much appreciated. If there is a tutorial that you know about this simple wall text I would love to see it, i cannot find one anywhere!

If it matters i’m using Windows 7 based PC AMD FX Eight-Core Processor 4GHz, 32 G of ram

Hi there,

I did not see this post because it was on a readme post instead of in it’s own topic. I have since split the topic.

Your track is probably getting pulled off the wall by the light reflections. Try tracking only the edges of the wall.

Moving objects or people that slowly move in front of the area you are trying to track need to be avoided (you can think of reflections as somethign moving over your surface). Also look out for obvious or even “barely there,” consistently moving reflections or shadows; mocha will notice them even if you don’t!

But it could also be that you are not tracking enough or the right area of an object. When tracking surfaces you will usually get a much better track if you include the edges and not just the interior of an object. This is because mocha can define the difference between the background and the foreground and lock on better. You also may need to make your shape larger or track a better area of texture. Remember, mocha is a texture tracker. So if there is no pattern, mocha doesn’t know what to track.

Finally, make sure your layer order isn’t occluding tracks you are trying to make. When you track a layer, the mattes of any active layers above the layer itself are subtracted from the matte of the layer and hence influence the area being tracked. To keep your tracking predictable, it is recommended that you keep your tracking layers on the top of the stack unless you specifically wish to use other layers to subtract from the tracking area of layers beneath it. To monitor what the tracker “sees” as a tracking area, select the Track Matte button in the view control. With this layer order, as long as your track objects from the foreground to the background, you will always have holdouts for the tracks behind them.