Surface trace points?

Mocha Pro standalone
Hi, I want to make the track of this person smoother, reducing the bounce from as he walks,
I’m sure i’ve seen & done it in the past where all track points were on screen, i could then select & delete the ones I didn’t want, but all i can get on screen is a few points & i can’t edit them? can someone point me in the right direction,


You’re mistaken, there are not “track points,” there’s only keyframes for the planar tracker (are you sure you’re not thinking AE’s camera tracker?), and those are in the dope sheet. To get a smooth track for this kind of shot for stabilization, try translation only.

Thankyou. I’ll try the translation only :+1:
That made me rethink, i remember tracking a lens flare onto something, but S_lens flare just has the Mocha planer points as i posted, but then i remembered the points on screen were green :bulb:
Silhouette has those green points & a smoothness control :+1:
I’m pretty sure i was able to manually move &/or delete each one ‘Vectors’ , just need to see if i can remember or work it out :joy::man_facepalming::+1: