Surface tracking problem

Forgive me if this problem sounds really amateur or “stupid”, but I’m new to Mocha, so bear with me. I’m trying to setup a simple tracking shot of 3 separate objects in a short movie clip. I haven’t been able to get past the first object yet. I’ve attached the footage below so you can see what I’m trying to accomplish.

Currently I am working on the white rectangle on the right side of the footage. My goal is to track all 3 of these white areas, import the tracking data into AE, and then place some video footage of binary code (similar to the Matrix falling code effect) into these areas. The problem that I’m having is this: first off, I can’t get Mocha to properly track any of these areas at all. The splines wander all over the place. This is not really a huge deal, as it doesn’t take long to manually correct these. My main problem arises when I turn on the surface view, and place a preview clip on to the surface (i.e., the Mocha logo). While the tracking splines stay aligned perfectly throughout the whole clip, the surface distorts itself about a third of the way through, and stays that way throughout the remaining footage. If i try to manually correct the surface alignment, for some reason it messes up my splines. I have tried putting the splines on a seperate layer from the surface outlin
e, as well as locking the splines layer to make sure I’m not accidentally tugging on the spline anchors. This hasn’t helped at all. Does anyone have any recommendations or solutions to help me with my problem? If need be, I’d be more than happy to save the project file and host it on my website, and then post a download link to it here. Sorry if I haven’t explained this well enough, or if I’ve left something out, but again, I’m new to Mocha. Thanks for any and all help!

Thanks for your prompt reply! Check your inbox.


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I manged to get this track to work first time, I have a screen grab of where you need to place your splines to get a perfect track.

Look forward to hearing from you.