System requirement

Will 2021 Particle illusion work in High Sierra OS10.13.6.
PI 2020 has no issues. Thanks.

It should work but it is not an officially supported configuration - base Mac OS support for Particle Illusion 2021.5 is Mac OS 10.14. Worth giving it a shot - if it doesn’t work you can always revert to he previous version.

I will try on my clone drive, Thanks.
Too bad I can not use the plugins, because of my older OS system, because of the latest Continuum version. Many years ago I was able to import images into Particle Illusion into stand-alone. I would not mind paying for this feature if it was available.

Well it’s definitely worth running the trial version to see if it will operate as expected on your system. No harm in trying - you can always back it out with a simple click of the uninstaller. :slight_smile: