Terrible performance in Mocha Pro 2022 9.0.1 and After Effects 2022

I’m not sure what changed, but just playing back footage is now 5-10 times slower in the Mocha Pro plugin. I’ve got OpenCL turned on, 2048mb of video ram dedicated to Mocha (I raised it from the default of 512mb) and the latest Studio drivers for my Nvidia RTX 3080. I get maybe 1 fps just on playback and tracking is worse. The whole UI seems sluggish as well. Happy to provide more info in order to track down what’s going on.

What do your GPU preferences look like in Mocha Preferences? Can you show me a screenshot?

You don’t need to raise the video ram, you can switch that setting back to default.

Ok, I’ve reset the vram. Here’s my settings currently:

That is extremely strange, it should be working. What is your playback in AE like without Mocha? I notice your card isn’t on our explicitly supported graphics cards, and that could be the issue, I will need to confirm with @martinb on that detail.

Playback in AE still seems to be performing about the same (maybe a little better now that it’s got multi-frame rendering).

I did a little more experimenting and the issue seems to be related to actually reading the footage. Once the frames are cached in Mocha the performance is fine.

Ah, if you have caching turned on that is a slow start for sure.

If you’re reading uncached frames from AE, the playback will be initially slow. Once it’s been cached, performance tends to improve.
What size are the frames and what codec is the footage? We highly recommend working in professional working codecs like ProRes or DNxHD as they read faster than compressed formats like H.264 or MP4.

The footage is ProRes 4444 UHD

I understand that reading into cache is going to be slower, however the performance is markedly worse in the latest version of Mocha compared to before I upgraded. When you say “reading uncached frames from AE”, do you mean uncached in Mocha or uncached in AE? If I allow AE to cache the frames before opening the Mocha plugin does that make a difference?

I also have discovered that if I open a fresh project and immediately load Mocha, the performance is fine, but after using AE for a little while, if I open Mocha again the performance is worse. Normally I would just clear memory and disk cache in AE, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on Mocha. If close AE and restart, the performance in Mocha improves temporarily. That suggests to me that there is some other memory issue, perhaps VRAM or a memory leak.


I am also having the same issue on a Mac Pro 2019 with a Vega II. Like you say, it seems like AE is sending the frames to Mocha slower than it should compared to AE 2021 and prior. Once cached, it’s fast.

Btw, I mostly work in PR4444 too.

I think I made a breakthrough figuring out this issue. The reason it sometimes caches slower in Mocha than before is because it’s still processing the effects below it in the layer. I had a Refine Soft Matte effect after the Mocha effect and working in the Mocha window was very slow. I disabled the Refine Soft Matte, and reopened Mocha and it performed normally! This seems to be new behavior in the latest version.

Thank you for letting us know, that will help other users as well.

That makes a lot of sense. I also always use some slow downstream plugins like Key Cleaner, Median, Add Grain, etc. I will try to disable all that and report back.


Is this with the latest After Effects with MFR rendering?

Hey @gardocki_ab395-2 . Thank you. I disabled the refine soft matte and everything works fine now

Yes, however I’ve tried disabling MFR and it didn’t seem to make any obvious difference.

Thanks, i’m just trying to get a picture of the problem as down-stream effects should have no performance impact on layer source footage fed from AE to Mocha, which suggests some overhead in AE that wasn’t previously there.

We’ll test with your setup and see if we can profile why the other effects would be hurting the speed.

gardocki_ab395-2 is right: downstream effects is the problem on my system too. I would guess it’s an AE bug. Maybe they changed something in the caching system.

I’ve been testing a bit more and it’s not just downstream effects, it’s even other layers that have nothing to do with the layer Mocha is tracking. My guess is that something in the new way AE handles rendering is evaluating the whole comp before passing the frame to Mocha. Lots of effects on other layers slow it down, but soloing the Mocha layer fixes the issue.

You’re right, I just tested with a separate heavy particle system on a different layer and Mocha playback slowed dramatically. Turning off the separate layer stopped the problem.

We’re going to have to chat to Adobe about this one, as that’s going to affect a lot of people. I’ll post back to this thread if I see any other issues or solutions.

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing slowdown the best thing to do is track the layer without the extra layers or effects turned on, or track it in its own comp.

I can confirm that After Effects 2021 (18.4.1) has no problems, so this does appear to be directly related to the new version (22.0.0).