Text Animation Tool like Title Studio

Hello Fellows, after my last post I learnt that the BCC Title Studio is actually not usable in Catalina.
So I would like to create a Text… let’s make it easy and take “HELLO” for example.
In Title Studio and Element 3D there were Options to set an Text into an 3D Object and separate the letters so can animate them individual like in this Tutorial:

My desire is to make Text wich comes from the Back towards the camera getting “bigger”, every Letter is turnt around 90° and turn the right direction but not in the right way you spell. Let’s say insted of “H-E-L-L-O” I will make the turn “H-O-E-L-L-” so at the beginning the first and the last Letter then the “E” and both Ls at the same time in the middle of the word.

I hope my description is not to cryptic.

Title Studio now fully supports macOS 10.15 Catalina in the recently released Continuum 2020.5 v13.5.0 or higher.