Text size in Vegas wrong size?

Hi, i’ve just bought a bigger monitor, I’ve got the general text etc. using Windows to the size i want but some things in Vegas Pro are still small, the preferences, but most of all BCC
the resolution of the screen is 3840 x 2160 which i don’t want to change as it’s UHD

Has anyone any advise please?
Thanks Gid.

In Windows ‘Display Settings’, go to the ‘Display resolution’ field and change it to the rez that you prefer.

Or … as your new monitor is 4K, you could also try in Vegas Pro’s settings (Options/Preferences/Display [tab]) checking or unchecking ‘Use High DPI scaling (where available)’ to see if either setting is better for you. If neither is good, then Windows Display Settings will probably be the way to go.

I have a color calibrated 32" Dell 4K monitor and thus far I’ve elected to live with the smaller text with Vegas Pro and BorisFX BCC and Mocha Pro plugins.

@dexcon Thanks, that’s how i set the general text size in Windows Settings,
I think it was a bit of a glitch tho, I restarted the PC & i learnt ages ago to turn off the PC rather than just restarting it as the PC holds on to some info, so i turned it off n left it for a moment, put the kettle on then came back to it, BCC showed correct size, preferences was still small tho, the DPI scaling button was off, so i turned it on, turned off PC, turned it back on & the preferences were still small, so i turned the DPI scaling button to on & shut down the PC again, turned it back on a few minutes ago & everything seems right? :grin::grin::grin:
i think maybe that button was a bit rusty, i’ve never used it,
Thankyou, good to learn of hat button :blush::+1:

£370 iiyama XB3288UHSU-B1 32" 4K Ultra HD VA Monitor, nice clear screen but the colour is a bit off, i’ve fiddled with the graphics cards settings & Windows settings but the white isn’t as white as my other small screen & black is a bit grey, i need to fiddle with it n see if i can tweak it, I’ve duplicated the internet screen to show the difference, i prefer the one on the right which is my old 24", the one on the left is the iiyama 32" 4K Ultra HD VA monitor
I had to take a photo with my phone as the screen capture shows them both the same colour whichever screen you view it on :joy::man_facepalming: they’re both looking a bit washed out but they’re ok in real life, it’s just the colour difference i’m not too happy about. It could be/prob just the monitor itself :man_shrugging: