Text won't stay put in Title Studio

Hi all,
I’ve created a title in Title Studio and it all sits inside of a Title Container. I’d like to amend it but when I go in and try to change the text, its position reverts back to the default x960 y540. It also puts a new keyframe on the main track that no longer lines up with the material/texture tracks and a blue screen results. All my keyframes are supposedly position constant, the only movement over the first few frames is achieved via the Title Container. When you try to undo, it won’t reverse it so the only way to undo it is to cancel out.

Can anyone advise why this might be happening?
Video of the problem below…


Hi Simon,

The added keyframe may be because there is an interpolation set for the title position. In your video I can’t see your controls window, but I suspect that may be why a keyframe is being generated.

In regards to the larger issue of the text moving when you update it, Title Containers base their auto animation on the provided text. Any time the text is updated, the animation resets back to its default. This is what you’re seeing happen here. While it is something that we are discussing internally, the best work around for it would be to make sure that your text is set before you adjust the animation settings. Another option would be to use a traditional 3D Container to manually update your text animation.

If that is an option that might work with your workflow, I’d be happy to guide you through the process.


Hi Vincent,
Thank-you for this explanation. I’ve switched to a 3D container and that works just as you’ve outlined.
It’s because I need to have 10 of these in my project, each with different text, so now I can do that without a problem.

Can I ask, since it appears people haven’t responded on this point - do I take it that there are no full instructions for the product? Just training videos?

Many thanks again