Text wrap drops half my text to next line

making credit scrolls but text wrap drops text down to next line any idea why?

Can you share a Title Studio project so that we can take a look to see what’s causing the problem? If the text is too large to fit within the horizontal page width and the text wrap feature is enabled then it’s going to drop any overflow text down to the next line - that’s just the way it works. You can disable text wrap if needed and set a smaller font size to prevent text overflow and wrap.

I see that the page width is set to 100 - that’s the reason for the wrap. Either disable the wrap option or increase the page width.

im following this guide

I’m learning this software

Ok i will change the setting. Thanks

I think my version is not the same, mine does not appear the icon makers after i check text wrap.

Select the text first, then disable the wrap checkbox. That should do it.

that didnt work, it just puts it back from where i started. Does host application treat the software different?

Nope - it should be the same experience in both standalone and the plugin. May I suggest that you go back through the tutorial slowly and follow the instructors moves step by step. I think if you do that you’ll have success.

And you might also want to watch this tutorial : Boris FX | Advanced Credit Rolls & Crawls

Thanks Peter.