That specific remove : WWMPD?


Still working hard on different projects with Mocha Pro 6xx standalone (and sometimes inside Fu)…
Now I have that specific request about modifications to be done in a mp4 medium report.

Regardless to the fact I hate not being able to access a ProRes or any master export the client doesn’t own anymore, the last request is weird : he asks for a modification of a name in the closing rolling credits, which is not so easy at the end of the day.

So among a top-down rolling text, a name has to be shortened (like “Joe Cactus Johnson” must turn into “Joe Cactus” only in the end), but the BG scene underneath features a guy walking remotely, a tree trunk, grass and branches moving in the wind : although it lasts maybe 6 sec at max, a Remove shows too many artifact problems…
Didn’t even think about an Insert because I can’t imagine a single way to put a moving BG given that I cannot extract a moment without any rolling text. Remember : text is burnt into the movie.

So… WWMPD ? :wink:

MP would make sure ProRes codecs were installed with Quicktime essentials first so you don’t have issues with that footage… Theeeeennnnn…

Then I’d probably do rotopaint hooked up to a corner pin for the text removal, instead of the remove tool, but as I can not see the example I am not sure that’s the best workflow. Have you tried multiple patches in the insert tool? Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

If you still don’t think that will help, shoot me the shot and I will look at it and give you a better workflow, but it sounds heinous and like a fair amount of work.


:sweat_smile: Hehehehe, ok, thank “her” for this quick answer, I’m always charmed anyway…

1/ Misunderstanding : the ProRes master doesn’t even exist, my client doesn’t own anything else than a mp4 (720p btw), that’s the real problem actually. If he did, he’d probably also have the video without rolling credits burnt in, jfyi… Anyway, I’ve been doing all my projects with ProRes codec for… years, since PR exists actually. The codec is not the problem, the absence of the master clip without burnt in credits is ;

2/ “heinous and like a fair amount of work” is the right thing, unfortunately. I wouldn’t post if it wasn’t quite terrible since I’ve got out of tons of crappy situations in the past with Mocha, but here…

3/ Yeah, I had seen your tuto clip and anyway I appreciate the different cases you usually cover, and yes again, it’s the right one to refer to BUT it’s like I should paint so much that I wonder wether it’s worth it (tree leaves - moving - , branches, tree trunk, ground grass, walking character’s back and leg, etc…).

This time, I’ll watch your clip again and send you the clip, it’s not long but sooooo tricky


I will take a look at the shot you sent!

Thx for your PM that confirms we had the same opinion since the beginning. Though “doable”, the amont of work here was not what was dealt, and the client understood my explanation.
Thx again Mary.

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