The Best Photo Editing Plugin

I am using tons of plugins for Photoshop for Photo Editing, this will make most of them obsolete.

Now only, if you can Iron out the Bugs as quickly as possible. Performance is alright though.

And thankfully you have a comprehensive tutorial on how to use it:

More Tutorials required though, with some real-world examples editing Landscape, Portraits, etc.

Thanks for the message. It will always help developers to provide specific bug report or crash details. And please include your system specs and steps to reproduce problems.

I am also in awe about what BorisFx has accomplished. Really one of the best existing plugins for photoshop at an affordable price too. I wish now that the plugins for video (in my case OFX Davinci) would also become affordable as right now they are way more expensive than this one. I hope one day :-)…but in the mean time lets enjoy this incredible new addition to Photoshop