The file is corrupted or in an unsupported format

hello, i’m in bad situation unfortunately.
i attached picture in progress.

  • i want to put two different videos into screens .
    in plugin, i made two different pre-composed videos and rendered it .
    but it shows only one video in two screens.

so i sat two mocha pro in one video and each plugins have different inserted clip layers.
→ it doesn’t work.

and next way that i tried… is…

i clicked layer 2

and clicked insert tab and i eventually found 'insert clip" tab.
and i found " import " tab too.

i clicked import tab and tried to import new video into it.
but message popped up and it says,

[The file is corrupted or in an unsupported format]

i tried to find what codec is affordable in mocha pro in this website like usual codecs (avi etc )
but i failed to find right solution til now.

my OS is window 10 pro/recently updated

i hope i would find solution from here.

regards, from S.korea.

Try a TIFF sequence or similar, that will always work. I am not sure what type of codec you are using, but codecs are not AVI, etc. AVI and MOV are file types, codecs are the compression used. So ProRes, H.264, etc. But an image sequence like EXR, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc will always work if you are having trouble. TIFF and EXR are higher quality.

Try that and let us know.

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