The mask is not displayed correctly on the video in premiere pro

In mocha mask displays correctly, but as soon as I press view matte in pp, the mask is displayed in the corner of the screen. The masked clip is scaled to 150, and the rest of the clips in the video is scaled to 100. And I can find an answer to the question of how to adjust the mask layer so that it fits the size of the clip in the pp.

Interesting. Is there another plugin or retime/risize on the clip before you applied Mocha and without being nested?

Or is the clip a different size than the sequence?

It sounds like there’s some sort of discrepancy that Mocha is picking up on.

The clip itself was rescaled. And I haven’t applied any plugins. However when i tried to apply mocha to the same clip but without changing size (that is, to the original), it still displayed wrong. And another thing, I applied mocha only on this clip, not on the whole video (I don’t know if it played any role).

Have you nested the clip?

No, not yet.