The object jumps to different location when pressing. "Apply export"

Hi everyone, I´ve spent more than 10 hours on this issue, I´ve seen lots of videos, I have read dozens of posts, I´m a Mocha newbie but that being said, I find the following problem very peculiar - I enclose 5 pictures as documentation

Image 1: The tracking in Mocha is perfect(trans, scale, rotate) I turn it off and return to the AE interface and press Create Track data and choose “Layer 1”

Image 2 I import the video “Fairy dust” which is suppose to follow the path of the main movie and mask out the part of the movie that isnt relevant I the part of the “Fairy dust” movie that is relevant.

Image 3: Here I have repositioned the “Fairy dust” mask above the princess.

Image 4: In the Mocha effects panel I choose the “transform” option and then layer expor to “Fairy dust” the 5 dots appear on the face of the princess - and follows the movement of her face, so everything seems perfect so far!

Image 5: But when i press “Apply export” - the masked Fairy dust object moves away from its position, and I cannot in any way get it back! In this file, it fairy dust masked movie is now seen to the left of the - it follows the main movie scalewice, and rotates etc too, but from a parallel position.

Question: How do I get it back where it belongs above the princesess(image 4)
Thank you very much in advance…

Your fairy dust is probably not the same size as the tracked footage. See this video for an in depth explanation: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

Try making the fairy dust the size of the footage, precomping with all attributes inside the comp, and trying again. Let me know if that helps you!