The project is not found or not valid

I’m getting an error when trying to open a Silhouette project. (Or sometimes Silhouette just crashes.) I can open other Silhouette projects without the same error. Anyone have any ideas? I’m on version 2022.5.5. Thanks!

This message appears when you the project can’t be found.
Has the project folder been moved?
Are you using the Silhouette Standalone or plug-in?
How is the project being opened?

I’m using the plugin version (in AE and Nuke). I did originally move the file and am able to browse for it and select it in the new location, but without any luck. I also moved the file back to the Desktop. Either way, when I open the file, Silhouette crashes and just closes. I’m also getting a crash in both host applications after Silhouette crashes.

Can you send me your project so I can take a look? I don’t need the media.

Here’s a link to the file.

Thanks for your project. There is a bug which will be fixed in the next Silhouette release. You can workaround it by doing the following:

  1. Open a working project and set the Update mode to Manual.
  2. Add a Transform > DOD node after each Mocha Pro node
  3. Set the Update mode back to Release