The tracked image become blurred (low res) after paste key frames in AE

Please check attached files.
My scope:
I tried Mocha and wanted to track and replace a moving surface with another image.
My problem:
While all went fine inside Mocha, when I export the tracking data (AE CS3 Corner Pin) and go back in AE CS5 and paste the key frames over the image, the quality of the tracked image become very very low. All the tracking motion is all right over the time, the sizes is all right. I imported the tracked image in Mocha too but here the quality it is fine.
Detailed workflow:
I choose the most visible frame with the surface I want to replace. I exported the frame to Photoshop and I aligned over it the image I want to track. After other color adjustments I exported the new layer with transparency (at the comp size) and imported into AE.
In Mocha I imported my footage, I verified the fps, frame size, pixel aspect radio, etc to be the same with AE composition. I have created a 4 point x-spline, I tracked the image (Translation, scale, rotation, shear). Then I went to the master frame (that one I exported in photoshop) and I clicked “Align Surface”. I exported the tracking data as After Effects CS3 Corner Pin and paste into the AE layer at the first frame. The track motion is almost perfect but the quality of the tracked image it become low (please check the attached images).
In AE, when selected, the layer with my image is at the composition size (100%) but when I paste the key frames, become about 330% bigger than comp size. It is like it is zoomed in and the scaled again to match the position…
I tried different exporting (Translation only, Translation and Scale, etc) but always I have the same low quality tracked image in AE. I verified the project settings to be the same in both Mocha and AE. I pre-composed the layer of the image to be sure I have the same comp size. I have created a null object and linked the image to it, I tried different tracking data formats but the same very low quality result…
What I did wrong?

I am only the editor from this post-production house and I am not sure where they bout this software from. However, I exported as you said and finally it`s working!
Thank you so much for your quick help!

Thank you for response. With other words, should uninstall AE CS5 and install After Effects CS4 then? This should solve the problem until upgrading to Mocha 2.5.3?

Thank you for your quick response. I tried a corner pin on the square I am trying to replace, everything it looks fine in Mocha but in AE I have the same blurry result… (I pre-composed the new layer too in order to have the same size). :confused:

This is a known problem when the shot has a significant scale change. There are two options to handle it:

  1. Use the CS4 Corner Pin only [for RG Warp, mochaImport] export format
  2. Get on the mocha 2.5.3 beta, because we’ve now improved this so you can specify which frame you want to be at 100% scale.
    Best regards,

No, this is a different export option inside mocha. When you go to Export Tracking Data, choose the option:
After Effects Corner Pin [corner pin only, supports RG Warp and mochaImport] (*.txt)
Are you running the version of mocha that came with CS5, or did you buy it from us directly?

Not really sure what’s going on in your comp without opening it up, but try a corner pin on the square you are trying to replace itself and see what results that gets you, as opposed to aligning to surface.