The way to open Mocha Pro standalone directly form AE CS6

Does anyone know the way to open Mocha Pro standalone directly from After Effects CS6?
I want to open Mocha Pro Standalone from AE CS6 instead of Mocha AE.

Assuming your using Windows, I believe you simply have to associate the .mocha file extension with the mochapro.exe. When you then select the Track in Mocha AE menu item under the Animation Tab, it will launch Mocha Pro instead.

The other way is to purchase MochaImport+

It will recoginze all versions installed on your system so you can select which to use if you need to change for whatever reason. Plus, it gives you some really nice options for stabilizing, etc.

Thank you for your reply.
It is already associated with mochapro.exe, but it doesn’t work as I expected.
It still opened with Mocha AE.
I also tried MochaImport+ for trial, it worked.
However, if possible I want to know the way to open Mocha Pro directly from AE CS6 without MochaImport+.

It worked !!! :rofl:
Thank you sooooooooooo much!:confetti_ball:

Ah, good. Someone got back to you with the answer. It’s been years since I’ve needed to do that but knew it was a simple solution. Even so, you’ll probably still want MochaImport+ eventually. Take a look at the mini tutorials if you haven’t yet.

Yes, you are right.
I am very interested in MochaImport+.
I will buy it.
Thank you again.

Only for information:

There is a Tracking Bundle out there:

#Get all five products for only $79.99

MaskTracker+ (regular price $49.99)
MochaImport+ (regular price $49.99)
CopyMask2Layer (regular price $9.99)
Tracker2Mask (regular price $9.99)
KeyTweak (regular price $5.99)

Didn’t know that because MaskTracker+ is a sister product to MochaImport+
And if you want MochaImport+ you want MaskTracker+ too.

On Black Friday i bought this bundle.