This must be simple, but

Using Title Studio in Premiere I click on FX-BROWSER,
then click ADVANCED MODE - now I’m in the timeline.
I make changes to keyframes.
Then hit APPLY and go back to editing in Premiere.

If I go back to modify in Title Studio everything is where I left it,
except for any changes to: The font, size, color, etc.
It has reverted to whatever parameter it started out with.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

We have thus far not been able to reproduce this issue in our test suites. Can you please provide more details about your setup? What OS and OS version are you running? What version of BCC are you running? What version of Premiere are you running? Also if you have a project file you could share (without media) that demonstrates the issue that would be great. You could send that to jclement at borisfx dot com.

Thanks for you answer. I’m running into more trouble, as my system slows down to a stop-and-crawl speed and makes it impossible to learn/work.

For now I tried using the text-editor on a clip (in Premiere v11.0) with one of your pre-fab effects. Simply moving on the Premiere editor takes 6-8 seconds before stopping spinning the wheel. Every action in the Text Editor takes 5-10 seconds before going into effect.

I am presently on a MacBook Pro - 16 Gig Ram OS: 10.13.2 - Continuum: 10:0.

What do you suggest?

What version of Continuum 10 are you using? Do you have the latest 10.0.6 release? If you go directly into the Title Studio UI without launching the FX Browser first do you still see the same behavior?

Disregard my remarks on the slowness - this seems confined to my MAC Laptop.

I think the solution is to hit the “Save” button each time I come back to PP timeline and see the results.
If I don’t, my timeline changes will have been saved, but not my Text Editor.

So I’m onto the next challenge, thanks…