This should have been simple

Please can someone tell me where I went wrong. I thought these would be simple but they were unusable!
I even tried keying out the blue book to give tighter edges but the mat wouldn’t hold.

Hi David!

Please try following:

  1. First create a garbage mask for the hand, so that hand motion wont affect your tracking data. That layer should be on top.
  2. Try disabling your GPU processing, and restart your host after that.
  3. Make sure that you’re also tracking perspective for the Book layer.

Let me know if that worked or not


I tried this, the clip quivers a little,
frame 54-61 there’s a big shadow as the hand goes away
& as the book closes there’s a lot of blur on the edge of the book,
I did a quick manual track, but i didn’t stabilize the clip 1st so the quiver of the clip makes it look wrong,