This stupid licensing thing!


I have 2 machines, on desktop and laptop. The laptop I am using in the field. (weddings for Same day movie) But I always did not use BCC because of this stupide licensing.

WHY not USE it for 2 machines!!! There are only a few Company like you that only 1 machine is permitted.

And don’t the me to unactivate from the program it self because that doesn’t work! I can click several times on ‘Deactivate’ button even after a hour it is stil activated.
We have now activated the laptop on Install. Because we nee it online and reder out the clips and import them in the desktop machine.
In the webpage when I choose My Boris account and want to reset my license I het a warning that I can use it once in 30 day’s.
What kind of Company are you. For me only Izotope does the Same. But they have a very easy program to Activate and Deactivate.
I know there is Boris FX Application, But that program doesn’t even show my license, and yes it does it for the free Optics. Even after login.

You understand I an very angry about this.

How must I use the license on 2 computer and not at the same time!

Sorry for me behavior and bad english writing

MacOS Big Sure 11.6 and BCC 14.5.2 and the older one 13.x
FCP 10.6
And it give a error when I close the licening window. (Crashes FCP caused by BCC)

PlugIn Path: /Library/Plug-Ins/*/BCC13FxPlug_x64
PlugIn Identifier: com.BorisFX.BCC13FxPlug_x64
PlugIn Version: 13 . 5 . 1 (13 . 5 . 1 . 1378)

Sjoerd de Vries

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