Thx for the multiple shake ssh export option, btw!

so much nicer.

Glad you approve. :slight_smile:

Hi T!
That’s wonderful. If you ever want to share some of your work with us for our reel we’d love to have it. We’re really happy you’re getting good use out of the software.
We’re always glad to hear from artists like you.

It might be “grass growing” stuff, but that kind of under the hood process is awesome to see. Not just for our reel, but to show how competent you must be to figure out those creative uses of our mocha tracker from scratch.
That creativity is one of the things we really like to see; the many ways our users “break” the software and put it back together again.
I’d love to know more about your processes if you’d like to send an email to

also, FWIW…
I’ve used mocha and mokey on The Tooth Fairy, Fighting, Wolverine, Book of Eli, Benjamin Button, Social Network, and currently on a movie about a girl with a large mythical lizard tattoo. :slight_smile: As well as literally hundreds of broadcast promos, show openings and commercials.

I’m too lazy to get it into my reel. lol
But I’ll see what I can do.
Much of it is getting tracks and then converting them to various formats, like Syntheyes, to help get solves. Or render out a grid, track it, render another, track it in a diff tool, render again…
Lots of camera smoothing, lights in buildings, straight up roto. Paint peeling grass growing kinda things