Tiff Sequence Time-lapse stabilisation in AE and Mocha AE



I have 400 image strong tiff sequence time-lapse which i loaded in AE. It is shaky because of the wind so I need to stabilise it . I noticed that you can track it in Mocha AE, accessing it from AE. Once the tiff sequence lapse is loaded in Mocha with the same frame rate (in AE and Mocha AE) I mark a certain area with the tool and start tracking it (i deactivate scale rotation and shear as the tripod was just shaking from th wind). Once it is done, I press "Export Tracking Data),press invert, choose AE Transform Data (position, scale and rotation), copy it, go back to my AE file and copy it into the layer. I play the footage and NOTHING is stabilised.


Please help, I am going nuts here. There must be a thinking mistake in my process. Thanks

Hi there, are you using “align surface” to make the surface tool the size of the frame?

Hi Mary

I am not aware of “align surface” tool. Where do I find it?

It’s in the layers palette on the lefthand side, it looks like a surface tool with arrows on it. You might find this specific tutorial helpful though, it should walk you through the process!


Please let me know if that works for you!


Hi Mary,

I noticed that the Mocha AE which is part of the AE Software, doesn’t allow me to click that little button at the top in Mocha AE called “Stabilise”. It is not visible at all. I can only find stabilisation videos in regards to video footage and nowhere is a word about time-lapse tiff sequences whilst using the supplied Mocha AE version in Adobe After Effects CC. I was aware of this video but cannot recreate the same effect??! Any other ideas?

That button in newer versions of mocha looks like a hand icon, it’s “auto stabilize mode” and it won’t actually stabilize your footage, it’s just for previewing your track. The export workflow for stabilization using transform data is outlined in this video.

For corner pins you will need to use the aforementioned align surface tool and invert the tracking data and paste in a corner pin.

You can also try downloading a trial of mocha Pro 5 the plugin and using that to stabilize.

Those are your workflow options. They all work a little bit differently. Time lapse shouldn’t matter at all, just make sure you can see the same object in the scene to track throughout the shot, it won’t matter if its timelapse or live action. The only requirement is that your track is rock solid. Turn your surface tool on to check your track, if it follows the object well, then your track is solid. You can’t tell based on the shape, only the surface and grid tool tell you what the track is doing.