Tile Pattern Revealed by Blur Brush

I noticed that when I use the blur brush set to affect just the detail layer, then adjust the detail level (to say .46 or something), then start brushing, I seem to reveal a tile pattern in the image:

How big is your image?

5672 x 3192

I think this is the same issue that I had before, they said its a bug:

Ah, indeed, it’s the same bug.

For now, you can use the Detail Separation Using Nodes workflow and as long as view and edit the Paint nodes while painting, you will not see the tiling artifacts.

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This is cool technique… but does it not break “Best Practices •Use one Paint node per source clip.” rule?
Does two paint nodes per clip lead to crashes/corruption?


The important part of the best practices is “Resist the urge to connect multiple Paint nodes, one after another, to a source clip. Working in this manner will produce unreliable Rebuild results–especially if you
jumped from one node to another while painting.” As long as the Paint nodes are not chained together, there are no potential issues. Multiple paint nodes chained together will not lead to crashes or corruption. It is more of a workflow issue if you bounce around nodes while painting and one node depends on another’s result. In this case, you may not get the same result when rebuilding.