Tilt Shift filter feature request?

So Photoshop has a tilt-shift smart filter effect. I know that I can achieve a similar effect inside of Optics, but wondering if as a feature request, it would be possible to get something a little more intuitive with UI controls like the tilt-shift smart filter that’s in Photoshop.

Agreed. The design of the gradient controls in Optics could be improved. We’ll see what we can do.

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Ben, I know that you know this… but for reference to others reading this thread, you can create a Tilt-Shift effect by stacking defocus, gradient masks, and some distortion and then saving as a setup. This older Sapphire video shows how to create a Tilt-Shift type of effect: https://youtu.be/ePOVG7YZ5uM

Also the S_FreeLens effect (without light leaks and vignette enabled) can come close in the one effect.

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The Depth of Field filter’s Grad Type has horizontal strip and vertical strip options to mimic Tilt-Shift lenses. However, the gradient is adjusted by using corner-pin control points. An easier, more flexible method of adjusting the gradient would be a good upgrade.

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@Ross_Shain I knew that I could create something similar, and I’m working on creating some of that stuff.

I’m not a fan of the quality of Photoshop’s tilt-shift blur…it’s looks too much like a straight up gaussian blur, and it’s not photographic at all…that being said…the UI for using it is VERY intuitive and easy.

I’m looking at it through the lens of someone who’s not that familiar with Sapphire plugins and want a cool effect with as little tweaking as possible.

@marco you and your team have done a really remarkable job of making Optics a reality! Kudos to you guys!