Time Offsetting Splines

Hey guys,

Out of interest, what is the best way in your opinion to simply offset all roto splines within a session forward or back by a specified number of frames? Imagine there is thousands of splines also so selecting all keyframes in the timeline and manually shifting them is something not too keen on. Thanks!

Hi Josh,

There is not a way to dial in an exact frame offset. An action could be probably be whipped up to do this though.

In the meantime, I would do this:

  • Park the Timeline on the frame you want to move the keyframes to. The current time is displayed as a gray vertical bar in the Timeline.
  • Select Actions > Keyframes > Select All
  • Drag one of the selected keyframes to line up with the vertical bar in the Timeline.

Perfect, I always forget that keyframe action exists. Also while you’re here Marco another thing I’ve always found slightly confusing is:

  • If an artist roto’s on a framerange 1000-1050 in Silhouette with the session settings start frame at 1000.
  • The sfx project then gets sent somewhere else and the sourceplate is loaded back in but this time from 1001-1050. The roto would now be offset from the plate by 1 frame right but the start frame is still set to 1000.

So switching the startframe in session settings to 1001 now will just shift both plate and roto together right but everything will still be offset with each other.

What would you say is the best way to fix this offset inside Silhouette, is it a an issue with the plate or roto that has shifted? It happens mainly if plate ranges change at either the head or tail and the plate needs to be updated inside the Silhouette project for extra roto. Hope that makes sense!

In Silhouette, the keyframes are associated with the session time, not the source time. If the source timing changes, you have two options to account for the difference:

  1. Select all keyframes and move them the appropriate amount
  2. Select the source clip in the Trees window and then in the Node window, adjust the Time Shift.