Timescale for Mocha shape/Lens/3D M1 compatibility?

I miss these components. Any idea when there’ll be an update?

Many thanks

I will tag @martinb for this question.

All three of these plugins were necessary when Mocha Pro was a standalone-only product. Things have changed slightly since we now have the Mocha Pro plugin version.

In terms of Mocha Shape, it’s fairly redundant now, as the same capability is directly available via the Mocha Pro and Mocha AE plugin using "Apply Matte "and “View Matte”.

The same goes for the Lens plugin. Now we render Lens distort and undistort operations directly out of the Mocha Pro plugin, the lens plugin isn’t needed.

The 3D camera plugin is a different situation. We are looking to fix this in future.

For the time being, you will need to continue to run AE in Rosetta mode for this particular plugin.

We’ve now released an M1 version of the Mocha 3D Track Importer (version 9.5.3).
See Boris FX | Downloads for the download link.