Tiny text in Title Studio user interface

I upgraded Vegas in part for Title Studio but cannot use it as the text and icons are too small to read. Win 10 with 27" 4K display.

@davidp Hi, this a full screen grab of my 32" 4k screen, they are tiny but i don’t think there’s an adjustment.

Hi Gid. Text on my system looks half that size. Here’s another screen grab comparing it to the text in Vegas. They should be the same size. (BTW, your screen grab says 1920px wide. 4K is 3840px wide.)

I don’t know why it says that, here’s that pic with it’s properties saying 3840 x 2160, we’ll see what these two say, …

Here’s one with the Title studio & Vegas

It’s something to do with Boris forum reducing the size :man_shrugging: those two are def 4k 3840 x 2160 but it shows as 1920 x 1080,

I see now that the text is smaller than Vegas text, just easier to read on your 32" screen. It’s too small on a 27" for my eyes. I sure hope there’s a solution. Thanks for replying.

@davidp no prob :+1: It might appear to be easier to read but because of the size of the screen you have to sit a little further away to take in all the screen, the scale of the text is the same size as on my 24" screen, it’d look weird if the text of things just in general was different on the two screens
I would say it’s easier to read on my smaller screen but all the windows are a little squished
but yeah an option to adjust the font size would be nice,