[ TIP ] Using Proxy Media for HD - 4K work

One major advantage of our planar tracker is that it is much less resolution dependant / sensitive.

In our experience working with 2K roto projects we have dropped the resolution to at least half res and still managed to get very good results.

So the thinking is rather than using 2k files for tracking and basic roto’s, drop the resolution to a proxy res. We recommend testing the specific media to find the optimum proxy size.

Once tracked and achieving a good 90% roto, one can step up to Full res and finalise the project utilising the Proxy pull down (under View Controls) will create proxy media on playback. Personally on large productions I find it better to create and mange custom proxy media with 3rd party solutions.

*NB!! *When creating your own proxy media, first do a test to ensure the layers scale correctly, by setting up a trial project using proxy media.

  • Close the project.

  • Re-open and on opening re-select the media to be used (selecting Full Res media).

  • Verify that the layers have scaled correctly.

Creating proxy media using the Proxy Pulldown (View Controls):*

  • Select the desired Proxy Resolution using the Proxy Pulldown
    Full / Half / Qaurter Res
  • Create the proxy files by going to the first frame of the sqeuence and playing it through to the end.
    NOTE: The files can be created on-the-fly but it is advisable to first create the proxy media and then start tracking etc.