Tips for tracking through light flicker in PowerMesh?


I’m wondering if anyone has found any tips for Mesh tracking skin that’s being affected by a light flicker, in this case, a soft fire flicker. Just trying to get the best track possible.


A really high smoothness value might help. This means the Mesh will follow the planar track more than the sub-motion.
It just depends on how detailed the underlying texture of the skin is.

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Great advice, thanks Martin!

Adjusting the smoothing is definitely the most successful way ive come across so far.

If you needed a very detailed mesh track it seems like keyframing the lighting to be flat just for the track is another solution but much more time intensive obviously.

You might get away with a temporal smoothing filter first too, like our flicker fixer from Continuum, but I have not experimented with that and PowerMesh tracking.