Tips on a quick remove in mirror

I use BCC/Continuum OFX in Vegas 18, not the full Mocha Pro, and am trying to remove two things in a mirror in a very short shot.

Object 1 – my pretty mug briefly at the very start of this frame
Object 2 – the actor’s mom in the background, wearing mauve

I’ve used “BCC Remover” in the past for many things, but am having trouble with this one… it’s 4K footage but I’ve rendered out two tiny 1080p files here.

mirror remove regspeed - YouTube – reg speed
mirror remove slowed - YouTube – slowed


(PS for the Boris Webmaster – the files are about 10 MB each, but I got a “size too large” error when uploading here to the forum, despite it saying the limit was about 26 MB)

@maryp Is this not really easily doable?