Tips on how to rotoscope this clip (Motion Blur)

(Film is Nobody). I want to rotoscope the guy on the left , but the motion blur and the fast motion makes it extremely difficult. Any tips? (I’m using the DaVinci OFX plugin version.)

What is the end goal? Are you inserting something into the scene or just isolating Odenkirk to create a new background?

In general:

  1. Roto the head, arms and body separately. You may also want to split it into forearms and upper arms.
  2. Roto to the hard edge first then and then adjust motion blur estimation.
  3. If the motion blur doesn’t quite cut it, move on to manual adjustments using edge-width feathering.
  4. Also use the clip ask to clip out the letterboxing. This will avoid you having to roto out the box.
  5. For a shot like this I wouldn’t even bother trying to track perspective. Work backwards until you find a track that works. Even then the blur is so severe you’ll probably mostly have to hand animate. The tracking will only help you so far.

Thanks for the reply! I’m trying to rotoscope Odenkirk to put him in a new scene.
I’m new at using Mocha Pro…
I understand points 1 and 5 and know how to implement them.
I understand points 2 and 3 but don’t know quite how to implement them.
I don’t understand point 4 (I don’t know what letterboxing is or clip ask…).

Here’s what the point 4 is about! You can use the Clip Tab, to basicaly cut the black bars, to make sure they wont affect your track. And it also makes the view bit cleaner



What you are referring to in point 2, as I understand it, is to start tracking where the image has hard edges and when it reaches frames with motionblur smooth these edges.

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Thanks for the replies! Sorry for the delay , I think I understand now ! Have a nice weekend!

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