Title 3D studio continuum and Apple Mac OS big sur problèm?

Are There some many people , who havé problems with continuum and title 3D studio , since update thé new firmware Apple Mac OS big sur ???
Bécause i put in my iMac thé new software Mac OS big sur and now thé title 3D studio fix it on adobe première pro .

Big Sur support for Title Studio will be added in the v14.0.1 maintenance release of Continuum 2021 - should be released within the next week or two.


Continuum 2021 v14.0.1 was just released, and it adds full support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur (in hosts which themselves support Big Sur). Please let us know if you see any remaining problems.


BCC_OFX_3D_Objects.ofx is Crashing Fusion Studio. - Snce we cannot BLOCK plugins without removing it from Resolve as well. what is to be done?

i understand you don’t Support Fusion Studio. but IT does work in Resolve / FusionTAB… However IT also sadly BLOCKS StandAlone Fusion from even Running!

I did try a block list file no luck. it still loads!

Hi, CJ,

Can you please provide more details so we can try to reproduce this?

-What version of Continuum? Is it the latest 14.0.1 release?
-What OS version?
-What Fusion Studio version?
-Machine specs including GPU


Same problem here with 3d Objects crashing stand alone Fusion 17.1 or later. I’m on a Mac, Big Sur 11.1. Doesn’t crash Resolve 17.1.1, and doesn’t crash Fusion 17.0. But if I update Fusion to 17.1 or the latest 17.1.1 The beach ball of death appears when it tries to load the 3d objects library. BCC is 14.01

@dwienerearthlink-net @CJ_Adams We recently posted a maintenance update to Continuum 2021 (v14.0.3) for OFX hosts. This should resolve the problem with the 3D Objects filters failing to load in newer Fusion and Resolve host versions. Please let us know if you still see any problems.


Seems to be working so far… least fusion latest loads as of today!