Title appears in Vegas Pro Preview but doesn't render

New to Title Studio here, so I apologize for the very basic question and I hope it has a very obvious answer. I’m fine with slapping my forehead. :smile:

So in Vegas Pro 17, I’m trying to composite a Boris Title Studio title onto a photograph or video. I duplicate the photo or video in a video track above the one I want the title to appear on. Then I click on fx on the upper track, add BCC Title Studio as a plug-in, and then select a preset (typically from the drop-down menu, but sometimes from the FX Browser). I put my new text in the various fields in the FX Browser, click Insert Text, click Apply, at which point I’m returned to the Vegas Pro timeline. So far, so good. I hit Preview to see what I’ve got, and the title appears just as it should, composited beautifully onto the photo or video. But when I render the video, the title isn’t there.

I thought I’d figured it out when I noticed that I could open up the top track’s fx chain and move BCC Title Studio ahead of pan/crop so it was first in the chain, but I can’t get that to work consistently on other projects. I’ve tried to figure out what’s different project to project, but so far I don’t spot any differences. I readily admit that I’m a newbie trying to pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, so I may well have flipped a switch somewhere and forgotten about it.

Bottom line for me is that I can’t figure out how to make a BCC Title Studio render over a photo or video, at least not consistently. Since this is the most basic thing one can do in this environment, I figure there’s something simple and obvious I’m just missing.

I appreciate any help provided. Thanks.

I don’t work for BorisFX but am an all-day-every-day Vegas 17 user and enjoy Boris Continuum schtuff.

Try turning off the use of your video card in rendering and see if that makes a difference? I know that seems like a cruddy suggestion perhaps, but I’ve seen oddities which are sometimes fixed by disabling the Video Card (Options.Preferences (video tab) ) and Options.Preferences (video tab) DynamicRAMPreview.

Also, what are both your project and render settings? (Resolution, frame rate, etc)

Thanks @michaelh and @RedRob–I appreciate the ideas! Here’s where I am now:

  1. When I first upgraded to Vegas Pro 17 (from version 11), I had the DynamicRAMPreview problem that caused Vegas to crash when I attempted to render. So DynamicRAMPreview was already off. I turned off GPU-assisted rendering but that just made things go bonkers in Preview (image kept flipping around horizontal axis). I did try increasing rendering threads, but that didn’t help either.

  2. I checked my project and render settings. Both were 720p at 29.97 fps.

I kinda doubted either of these things were to blame, because everything BUT the BorisFX Title Studio stuff seemed to work fine, and even TS would work sometimes. But they made sense to me and were well worth trying, so thanks!

Here’s where I arrived after some more trial and error. I may still be on the wrong trail, but I can make TS work consistently so far–and make it not work by not doing these steps.

So the differences seem related to putting titles on still photos vs. titles on videos.

Putting a TS title onto a still photo requires 1) a media-generator white field to be in the duplicated (top) track, and then the TS added to that top track as an FX plugin. And then, I have to put the TS plugin first in the chain, before pan/crop (which is automatically engaged when I click on FX to add the TS plugin). If I do these steps, both preview and render work just fine. Otherwise, I either see the title in preview without the title rendering, or I don’t see the title at all.

If I put a TS title onto a video track, I don’t need the white media-generated field, but it seems I still need to put the TS plugin first in the chain–which in both cases I have to do manually, as pan/crop goes in the chain first and I can’t find a way to click it away.

I hope some of the above makes sense. I’m still making my way around basic stuff and I don’t have all the basic concepts together. But I do have things working now, it seems, knock on wood.