Title noob questions

I’m trying to open/import the preset titles from Boris - I do file open and it doesn’t recognize the format. Is there another way to open presets?

Second question-
I can’t find title in Resolve. All other Boris FX products work fine.

I’m using latest updates on all software - running MacBook Pro 13” M1 1T. 16gb

Hi, is this Title Studio you’re talking about? have you tried the FX Browser, it’s on the controls of a lot of the fx’s

I’ve realized that tI have a fail to load error in resolve that I can’t fix and the fx viewer is greyed out in title. see attached screenshots.

OK-so, after digging through release notes found this-which sucks-but, I don’t see any reason on the standalone that I can’t access the fx viewer to bring in the presets that are in .blu files?

Due to technical difficulties with newer versions of Resolve on macOS, the 3D Objects category of filters (including Title Studio) is disabled in Resolve on macOS. We are working with Resolve engineering on a solution.

What happens on the standalone if you go to Window - Workspace - All Panels?
PS. FX Browser is greyed out on my standalone also,

It crashes. I deleted continuum and reinstalled- same thing.