Title Studio 2D Cast Shadow not rendering in AE


I have a 3840x2160 AE comp and created a 2D Composite Image Processor Cast Shadow in Title Studio, but the shadow does NOT render in my AE export and only displays in AE when the resolution is set to quarter, third and half, but NOT Full. Please let me know if there’s a setting I need to switch in AE or Title Studio.

Thanks for your help!!

The first thing I would try would be to clear out the AE cache to see if that helps. If that doesn’t solve the problem please send along a zipped up version of your project and I’ll take a look at it.


Hi Peter, I didn’t have any luck with the cache clearing, but by accident I tried moving my Cast Shadow downward on to my Text Object, instead of the level above at the 3D Container tree leve, and I was then able to get the Cast Shadow to show up in the FULL-RES preview in Titler Studio and AE, and it did render in the full-res AE export. The strange thing is that the shadow WAS showing up when I had it on 3D container level as long as the window display resolution was NOT set to full, so quarter, third, half all showed the shadow with no problem, but it would only preview and export at at FULL-RES when I moved the shadow onto the Text object directly. Is there some logic to why this is so? Thanks!

Hi Peter, I’m now having a second problem, I just noticed, with the rendering export. The rendered shadow seems to be flickering in the exported AE comp. Any thoughts on this one?


Hmmm … can you try setting the smoothness of the text object to its maximum value, which is 80, to see if that eliminates the flickering? And this is with the full resolution setting, right? Another thing to try is going into the project settings and enabling the 1:2:1 deflickering to see if this helps, but only after you try adjusting the smoothness.


Hi Peter, thanks for the suggestions. I had already gone a ahead and exported just the Title with alpha as an Animation setting from AE, and pulled that export back into the comp on top of the background and there was no flickering happening. I will definitely try what you said and let you know the results as soon as I can. Thanks again!