Title Studio #3: Interlacing

Next very basic question while hoping some kind soul address Question #2.

I’m trying to use title studio to do some very basic text work in Premiere over some very old footage. The footage is standard def, interlaced, 4:3 with D1/DV NTSC pixel aspect ratio (9.091, though changing to square pixels has no effect on this issue).

When I apply a title using BCCTS, the text comes out extremely aliased, as if I’m getting only one field. Is there a way to address this?


Early 2009 Nehalem MacPro4,1, 2 X 2.6 GHz Quad-Core
OS High Sierra 10.13.6
Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB system drive
ATI Radeon HD 4870 GRFX Card
Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K, Driver: 10.11.4
Avid Media Composer v. 2018.11.0
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 v. 13.1.2
Adobe Media Encoder CC v.
Mocha Pro Plug-in v. 6.0.2 build 217.x
Boris Continuum 2019 v. 12.0.4