Title Studio and Vegas Pro 18 has problem? Crashing?

Hello. I was just bought this title studio cause so very useful plugin I thought. I was tried the mesh shatter effect of my text and then I checked Preview of Vegas Pro 18. That was good at preview. and then I was tried rendering to MP4 files → No rendering like crashing. Just stop and No response any exit button. So I quit Vegas Pro use of force. And sometime other text effect was same things. So many time tried and fail. What is wrong?

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Hi rabiiies,

Thanks for letting us know. Please open a ticket at:

and we can see what’s happening.

Good afternoon, I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty exporting. Would you be able to send me some additional information as well as your project? When you export to mp4, what are your render settings? are you using a specific export preset?

If i can look at the project itself, I may be able to determine why you’re encountering the issue

All the best,

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