Title Studio - Apparent incorrect function of the Toggle Smart View control

I say apparent, because from my experience it doesn’t function as the documentation says it should. From the documentation:- ‘Toggles the visibility of the keyframed parameters for the scene. When this is enabled only the tracks with keyframed parameters will be visible in the window. Disable it to view all tracks.’
If you enable Smart View, the track structure does collapse, but it collapses such that all the shape tracks in the structure are displayed. What it doesn’t do is to show, in this collapsed form, any tracks that have been keyframed or have had a parameter changed.
If you disable Smart View, the Show/Hide Transformation Tracks icon is automatically enabled. This expands the structure, and shows any tracks that have had a parameter changed.
This appears to me to be contrary to how the documentation states it should work. Can anyone at BorisFX enlighten me?

Further diagnostic information relating to this.
With an existing track structure opened in a newly launched session of Title Studio, the Show/Hide Transformation Tracks control displays the transformations entries. These can then be opened up to reveal the various transformation parameters of the relevant shape entry. That’s how it should be.
Now, if the Toggle Smart View icon is enabled then disabled, the transformation entries are still there, but you cannot open them up to view their respective transformation parameters. The only transformation parameters that are visible are those that have had their values changed from default. The only way that all the other transformation parameters can be viewed, is to close the application down, re-launch it and load in the project again.

Yep, I’m observing some issues / quirks with the Title Studio smart view function alright - I’ll ask our QA techs to take a look at it. Thanks for raising the issue Jack.

The way the function is supposed to work is that when Smart View is enabled, parameters that have been animated or changed from default will be displayed in the timeline while other parameters that are not animated and at their default state will be hidden.


Thanks for confirming Peter.

Repro’d and ticketed in our database - thank you again Jack for pointing this out.