Title studio bug with larger letters

Got this bug when using larger letters in title studio.
The front color disappears.
Do you have a solution or can say me if and when this bug gets fixed?
I need large Letters for my project

project file

wdqqwfqw.aep (71.9 KB)

From your screen shot I can tell that you have stroke on and fill off. Can you save the project in .blu file and send it over to me?


When is witched the size of letter, front color were away, tried it several times first with small letter, was ok, large letter not hmm ;/

Untitled Project.zip (1.9 KB)

You’re using an older version of Title Studio - can you please update to the latest version to see if this problem persists?

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Good morning,

One thing I’m noticing is that if you reduce your polygon count in the extrusion tab to 34 it seems to resolve the issue of the fill not displaying at that size. That may be a quick work around while I research this further. Let me know if that works on your system.

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Very interesting alright. We loaded the project that you provided into the latest build and are seeing the same result that you are, however, we have not been able to reproduce the issue from scratch. We’re also seeing some odd rendering when using the two sided plane - it appears as though we’re generating a step-and-repeat effect when this type of layer. So we’ll investigate further the issue that you’re reporting and fix the unexpected step-and-repeat result. As Vin mentioned though, the current workaround for the fill issue is to lower the polygon count.



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Thanks for sending a link to the reference clip - your description was good but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. :slight_smile:

We have something that can produce a similar effect and although it’s not an exact match it could get you most of the way there - it’s the BCC Lens Correction filter. You’ll need to animate the Correction parameter (from zero to a high value) and you’ll have to build the transition yourself by animating the opacity of the source over 1 or 2 frames, then do the opposite with the incoming source - add the Lens Correction filter but reverse the Correction parameter animation (high value to zero).

There’s also a BCC Lens Transition filter, and you might want to give that a shot, but it won’t produce exactly the same result that you are referencing. That said, I believe I know what was used to produce the result in the clip that you shared and can create an AE project that I can share with engineering to help them better understand how to generate the look that you’re after. I’m sure this could be a new transition that can be added to the list for the next round.



can i use effects on the front color thats missing in higher polygon?
how can i apply an effect only on the front color part?

For future reference, it would be best to create new forum topics for separate issues like this to make it easier for others to find answers to similar questions down the road. But to answer your question, projects created in older versions of Continuum (or Sapphire) should open fine in Continuum 2019. The older version will be uninstalled when you install a newer version of Continuum, but the effects will link up automatically. We work hard to maintain compatibility for old projects opened in newer versions like that. In some cases we will have fixed a bug along the way which may change the older look somewhat, but the overall project should still remain intact. However, note that we do NOT support going the other way. A project created or resaved with Continuum 2019 is NOT guaranteed to open in older versions of Continuum.

What version of Title Studio are you using?

EDIT: now i tried the new 2019 version on my front color bug porject.
now i can use up to 64 polygons.
(using 375 on arial black)
after that the front color gets away again lol ^^

Can you send us a copy of the project file (without media)? You can send it off list to jclement at borisfx dot com. Also, when updating was it just Sapphire that you updated or was it both Sapphire and Continuum? Doing them one at a time might help clarify which is the culprit. You can uninstall the newer versions and go back to the older versions one at a time. (When going backwards, be sure to uninstall first.) Based on your screenshots the errors look specific to Sapphire so it would be good to create a new thread on the Sapphire forum regarding the issue if you can confirm that.

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thread regarding other problem, other posts deleted.



can i use effects on the front color thats missing in higher polygon?
how can i apply an effect only on the front color part?

question remains (using 2019 now)

EDIT: discovered the old TV scanlines under the new image processors option, but only applyable on whole (not front color alone)?